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South Rock Island Township Mission Statement

It is our mission to professionally, courteously, equitably and efficiently administer General Assistance, property assessment and other programs. We will properly maintain the Township Hall and property for the benefit of Township residents.

We will provide basic human needs to all people, with the respect, dignity and compassion they deserve, while on their way to self-sufficiency.

We are neighbors helping neighbors. Our mission allows us to apply tax dollars to fulfill our state mandates, as well as provide services, information and resources to assist and benefit our residents. Partnerships with individuals, organizations, schools, churches, and corporations help afford South Rock Island the opportunity to provide low cost services to residents in need while holding down expenditures.


Resident Satisfaction: Our residents are the reason we exist. We will continually strive to anticipate, understand and meet our residents' needs and expectations.

Fiscal Responsibility: We will operate the Township in a manner that will minimize the financial impact on our residents by exercising discretion and good business judgment with respect to all expenses.

Employee Value: We will provide every employee with the necessary support, training and opportunity to achieve their personal potential and realize job satisfaction. We will recognize commitment and excellent performance. We will seek and respect their opinion.

Health, Welfare, and Safety: We will place a high value on the health, welfare and safety of our employees and the public.

Integrity: We will act and conduct our activities in a manner that preserves the confidence of our residents. We will treat the public with respect.

Approved August 2013 The South Rock Island Township Board