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Township Clerk

Nick Camlin

Nick Camlin, Township Clerk


Hello and thank you for visiting the official website of the South Rock Island Township Clerk!

From here you can access information about my role as Town Clerk. You can find information about me, South Rock Island Township, and all the ways we serve our residents.

I am committed to making sure the work of the Township is accessible and transparent. If you have comments or suggestions on how we can better serve you and your family, please contact the Town Clerk's Office.

Thank you once again! It is my privilege to serve you and help make our Township better.

Nick Camlin, Town Clerk

Office of the Town Clerk:
4330 11th St Rock Island, IL

Minutes of the Meetings of the South Rock Island Township Board (click here).

The official records are kept on file in the Office of the Town Clerk, but copies are provided on the website for easy accessibility. The official records are available for inspection upon request to the Town Clerk's Office.

What does the Town Clerk do?

The Town Clerk is primarily an administrative position charged with keeping records and publishing statutorily required notices. The position is central to government transparency because the Town Clerk records and maintains the minutes for each meeting of the Township Board and the Annual Town Meeting. While serving as Clerk of the Township Board, the Clerk conducts the roll call votes needed for approval of the spending of Township funds.

Tax levies, budgets, and other ordinances approved by vote of the Township Board are recorded and filed by the Town Clerk with the appropriate authority, often times the County Clerk. Statute requires that the Town Clerk publish meeting dates, times, and topics for all meetings of the Township Board.

The only matter on which a Town Clerk may vote is when the office of a Township Official (Supervisor, Assessor, Trustee) is vacated, and the Township Board votes in a tie to make an appointment, then the Town Clerk is authorized to cast a tie-breaking vote for appointment.

The Town Clerk may also offer perspectives, policies, and opinions which are independent from other Offices of the Township.

Additionally, the Town Clerk is the local election authority for Township elections.

What services does the Office of the Town Clerk provide?

  • Voter Registration: Whether registering for the first time or updating your name or address, the Town Clerk's Office can register US citizens to vote. Two forms of identification are required; one showing full legal name and current address. Naturalized citizens will need to know the court, city, state, and date the naturalization process was completed. Seventeen-year olds are permitted to vote, provided their eighteenth birthdays are on or before the date of the next election.
  • Public Notarization: A notary public is available, free of charge, to notarize and seal important documents.
  • Handicapped Parking Permits: Temporary handicap parking permits are available in the Town Clerk's Office. Please call 309-788-0496 for information necessary to obtain the permit.

Meetings of the South Rock Island Township Board:

The Township Board meets on the last Monday of every month except for in December.

All regularly scheduled meetings start at 4:15 pm, at the Office of the Town Clerk, South Rock Island Township, 4330 11th St., Rock Island, Illinois.

Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, the South Rock Island Township Board adopts the schedule of regular meeting dates for the upcoming calendar year at the preceding November Township Board meeting. South Rock Island Township may schedule other special meetings, emergency meetings, and reconvened meetings, as deemed necessary, and as allowed by the Open Meetings Act, in addition to any amendments or other modifications of the regular meeting date schedule.

Special Meetings:

In the event that a Special Meeting is needed, there are four ways it can be called.

  • Petition by 2 or more Township Trustees.
  • Vote of the Township Board at a regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Petition by 15 or more Township voters.
  • Petition by Supervisor and 25 or more Township voters to specifically transfer funds only.

Completed petitions for a Special Meeting are submitted to the Town Clerk for verification, then the Clerk gives 48-hour notice to the Board of Trustees and the public of the meeting place, time, and topic(s).